About Scuffle

To Scuffle Is To Get By ...

As both a noun and a verb, Scuffle involves a fight. As a noun, it is the clash itself, like a scuffle between sworn enemies.

As a verb, it means to fight, like a warrior who will Scuffle with just about anyone.

A Scuffler was also the name given to wrestlers of the Irish Collar-and-Elbow style of wrestling, one of the most popular sports in the country during the 19th century.

And in a 1959 book by author Charles Morrow Wilson he referred to all wrestlers as "The Magnificent Scufflers".

Each day you wake up and get out of bed, you know that challenges are facing you, Each day is a battle, a scuffle, and you must prepare for these battles.

The spirit of Scuffle is for everybody, both men and women who have the fighting spirit inside them.

You are ready for your scuffles and fight to win in your daily battles, and keep a wry smile on your face as you chuckle back at the absurdity of existence.

We are happy to have you alongside us in our band of Magnificent Scufflers.